11th August 2019, Bandstand Concert, Swindon Town Gardens, 3-4:30pm

It was our first time to play in the Swindon Town Gardens bandstand; quite a stunning park (particularly the rose garden). Unfortunately there was a slight mix-up which meant the bandstand was double-booked so we were only able to play for the second half of the time.

We took shelter from the rain as we waited to be able to play, listening to the latin style music.

Waiting in the rain

The other group were very helpful in packing up quickly for the changeover. We got through as many pieces as we could in our 45 minute set, all of us keen to play what we’ve been rehearsing.

The weather eventually cleared up and there were quite a few visitors to the park who listened to both bands. Definitely weather for a cup of tea instead of ice-cream despite it being August!

Leekes Summer Party Sale Preview, 3rd July, Melksham

We were delighted to be welcomed back to play for shoppers at Leekes, this time for a Privilege Card holders’ evening 6-8pm. We were invited inside and upstairs to the cafe area to play as the cafe was closed from 4:30pm. Shoppers had some stalls on the ground floor for drinks and nibbles.

Quite a few shoppers paused to try out the settees whilst listening to our music which included a Beach Boys medley, Elvis Presley tunes, Moonlight Serenade, Basin Street and The Muppets to name but a few.

During Moon River at Leekes, 3rd July 2019

I was seated right next to a display of delicious cakes and biscuits – I simply must return when the cafe is open!

Biddestone Fete

The hottest day of the year so far (not a cloud in sight) so we were grateful to have the shelter of a marquee whilst playing our 2 sets at the Biddestone Fete. We played 2-4 with an interval when it’s always a delight to wander the various stalls – my particular favourite is the Refreshments tent where the cakes once prizes have been awarded end up on sale!

Our sets included a great variety of tunes from The Muppets to My Way, Barnyard Castle to our Star Wars medley. Alan even opened the fete at 2pm with a bugle call.

Biddestone Fete Map source: https://www.facebook.com/events/378618676199080/

First World War Centenary Versailles Treaty, The Cause, Chippenham

A poignant afternoon with a mixture of playing more of our older pieces, viewing the memorial and listening to Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman sing. Alan Horner as well as conducting our band also played the Last Post.

Richard Lambert-Stiles’s research on the soldiers from the Causeway Methodist Brotherhood who lost their lives over a century ago has been arranged into a permanent display by Charlie Graham-May.

Norma had baked delicious cakes and was providing tea and coffee for all attendees. Overall a relaxed and thought provoking afternoon.

Start of Bandstand Season, John Coles Park, Chippenham

Whilst it was a bit cooler than some previous May concerts, there were smiles all round and quite a few audience members enjoying ice cream whilst others warmed up with hot beverages from the kiosk instead. It was fantastic to have such a supportive audience for the first John Coles park concert of the season and the bandstand was filled near to bursting as almost all musicians were able to attend. We played a variety of tunes including Shrek, Curly’s Airships (March 1919), Frank Sinatra’s My Way and medleys such as a selection of Robbie Williams, Viva Italia and Beach Boys.

Our next concert at John Coles park will be 14th July and we will be ending the season on 15th September. For other concerts in the park please follow this link.

John Coles Park Bandstand Concert May 2019

Good Friday, 19th April, Leekes Melksham

We had a delightful time playing in the outer foyer of Leekes to entertain bank holiday shoppers visiting the store in the surprisingly summer April morning.

Our tunes included Elvis Presley: “Always on my Mind”, Robbie Williams: “Have You Met Miss Jones” & “Mack The Knife”, Frank Sinatra: “My Way”, Fool’s Garden: “Lemon Tree”, “Basin Street Blues”, Beach Boys medley, “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”, “March: 1919”, an Italian medley and other songs.

We ended our set with “We’ll Meet Again”; it would certainly be great to be invited back next year!

Private Christmas Concert

We were delighted to play for a private audience a mix of our upbeat tunes followed by Christmas songs; taking many requests and fulfilling them to the enjoyment of all. It was a fantastic evening with both the band and guests having lots of fun – we hope to return next year!

Remembrance Event

The Central Methodist Church, Chippenham was the perfect place to play our part at a memorable event, 100 years on from the loss of Chippenham lives in the 1st World War.