Remembrance Event

The Central Methodist Church, Chippenham was the perfect place to play our part at a memorable event, 100 years on from the loss of Chippenham lives in the 1st World War.

End of bandstand season, John Coles Park Chippenham

Although there was a distinct chill in the air, there was a great turnout of people enjoying the park and our music. John Coles park was a cheerful place with people playing fetch with dogs, flying kites, cycling around the bandstand and sitting on benches enjoying ice cream. Whilst it was rather windy the potential rain held off and we had a brilliant concert to end the summer bandstand season at Chippenham.

We played several marches “Barnyard Castle”, “Musket, Fife and Drum” and “Blaze Away” which are always well received. We also played medleys of familiar tunes including “Beach Boys” and “Viva Italia”, some swing pieces such as “Cheek to Cheek” and songs to dance by – with our own conductor going off-stage to dance to “Rock Around the Clock”. I wasn’t certain if anyone joined in with the motions for “Loco-Motion” and the YMCA part of “Disco Lives” but I heard a few sing along to “Tequila”! Some film music made it to the mix including “Toy Story 2” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

John Coles Park, during Disco Lives

Lacock Village Fair

Despite an overcast day, there was a tremendous turnout of people attending the fair and it’s various stalls. Morris dancers also entertained (thankfully far enough away so our music didn’t clash!) We played a variety of pieces with the crowd applauding most the RAF March Past and Viva Italia medley. I couldn’t tell if anyone joined in on the YMCA or sang along with Tequila as I was concentrating on playing!

Our two sets were at 12:30-13:30, 14:30-15:30 in front of the war memorial. Some ex-band members were a pleasant sight in the audience and band members’ families enjoyed the afternoon too.

Notes for next time:

  • The National Trust car park, even with diligent car park attendants, had a queue almost back to the A350 before 12:00 so try to head over earlier if posssible.
  • Lacock Church itself is a great source of tea, coffee and generous portions of cake – all for a good cause.

John Coles Park Bandstand

Whilst not quite the deluge of our concert last September, the weather was a drastic change from the bright sunny weather of recent weeks; threatening to rain and strong winds! A valiant crowd still joined us for an afternoon of tunes. We mostly played marches and theme tunes. During the YMCA portion of “Disco Lives” a gust of wind caught several stands and instrument cases but we managed to play on!

Tockenham Fete

Another superbly sunny afternoon for a splendid fete. Lots of stalls, vintage cars and even a family dog show. It was delightful to see so many dogs out and about! This was our second year to be invited to play at Tockenham and we enjoyed every second.

We played following the 2pm opening announcements, had a brief break for sandwiches, tea and delicious cake then continued until gone 4pm. Our repertoire included Beach Boys, Moon River, Toy Story 2, Mondo Glissando, A Bridge Too Far, Fly Me To The Moon, Barnyard Castle and Locomotion to name but a few.

Here’s a more unusual perspective for a photo (I had a few bars rest…):

Tockenham Fete 2018, mid-Moon River

Biddestone Fete

The afternoon was bright and hot; we were very grateful for our marquee! There was a great turnout of locals attending the fete with a variety of stalls ranging from face painting to cream teas. We played marching pieces Barnyard Castle and A Bridge Too Far as well as relaxing tunes including Moon River, My Way and Can’t Help Falling In Love. We also played various lighthearted songs such as Viva Italia (medley), Beach Boys (medley) and I’ve Had The Time Of My Life. Finishing as per tradition with We’ll Meet Again; looking forward to next year!

Bandstand Concert, John Coles Park

What a phenomenal way to start the Chippenham bandstand concert season for 2018 – the sun was shining, the park full of families enjoying the weather, music and ice creams!
We played a whole range of pieces from Toy Story 2, RAF March Past, Locomotion to Fly me to the Moon and Moonlight Serenade. Ending with our 1914 medley and “We’ll Meet Again” as we shall return to the bandstand on the 29th July and at the end of the concert season on the 16th September.

RAF Lyneham 100 Celebration

Despite some rain mixed with the sun, there was a great turn out for this special centennial RAF celebration at Lyneham. Similar to a village fete with various stalls, there were various musical groups playing throughout the afternoon. We played after the Chippenham Male Voice Choir and continued with several military themed tunes such as RAF March Past and our own take on the theme (Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines) as well as swing tunes and theme music.

Longleat Centre Parcs, Remembrance Day

The island in the Centre Parcs plaza is one of the more unusual places for us to play, with ginormous goldfish circling us and various ferns as well as a large Christmas tree present! We played various tunes for the families passing through and our conductor performed the bugle call at 11am.