2014 Notes from the Chairman

2014 started off quietly for the Band,  and as I looked back at the events of the year there were several that were very exciting and a privilege to say we took part in.

Towards the end of March, Dawn and Nikki realised that our Conductor , Alan had a special birthday coming up in April and asked me what we could do about it in the time we had.  We worked hard and organised a collection from the band President and members, a special cake, a card signed by the band members,  and President ,  presents and food –  and rearranged Band practice on 14th April, so we could have a party in the last 45 minutes…All this happening and it was the best kept secret during the organising.  Alan said although he was annoyed with me for making him late for practice, at the time he had no idea what was going on,  until the event unfolded, and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Happy Birthday Alan ! xx

The Year yielded our favourite events,  Bandstand and Fete concerts,  a special Commemoration “concert” for the 100th Anniversary of the Great War   in cooperation with the British Legion and Cadet forces, held in John Coles Park.

Star Band –  Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

About the 20th of August I had an email from a very nice man called Toby,  who said he had heard our Band playing on You Tube and asked if we would be interested in playing for his company for some filming that they were planning. I took details and in a conversation he said he would like to come and listen to the band playing .  He came to Lacock on the August Bank Holiday Monday in torrential rain,  where the Band was hiding in the Tythe Barn, listened to some of the performance and said we were perfect for the film.

He asked for 7 or 8 players to go to North Cerney early in September and in the 6 days between the Lacock event and the first day filming for the band,  I had to make him a list of all our pop music in detail for the Arts director to check with their recording rights. They came back with 6 short pieces of music, which they would choose 3 of for North Cerney.  We quickly arranged 7 players, a rehearsal for the night before the performance and on the first day arrived at North Cerney by 07:oo where we were greeted by Toby, and restaurant trucks for breakfast.  We were taken from base camp to the village hall in a bus and we sat in the courtyard playing the chosen music while the film crews and actors worked tirelessly around us to achieve good effects. We were released by the director at around 12:30pm and returned home to catch up on sleep and work.

The next filming day was 3 weeks later on a Saturday on the village green in beautiful Biddestone, where we could take up to 16 Band members.  The village was transformed in to the village of Carsley for the film  and was crowded with fete stalls,  green man competition, and hundreds of supporting actors.  Ashley Jenson and Hermione Norris starred along with several other well known actors.

This Saturday was a very long day,  but very interesting to witness the painstaking accuracy that was achieved by the film crews.  The crews are highly skilled and their modern technology extensive !!

The Sky TV company showed the film on Boxing Day, New Years day and 3rd January…   a very good film and experience not to be missed.

Other events that the Band took part in during the latter part of the year included a Remembrance Day Concert in Center Parcs,  Nr Warminster.  A beautiful setting where it never rains !  The big Dome in the centre of the Parc was our destination where we were surrounded by trees, and little lakes full of enormous koi carp !

Our Christmas Carol events all took place as planned, chilly in December greyness,  but no rain or snow.   We raised money through public donations for Julian House,  which is a local charity, providing support for people trying to get back in to work,  homeless and victims of violence, providing anonymous refuges for people who have suffered domestic violence.   A very worthwhile charity .

See the Photo Gallery for pictures taken at the events.

Angela – Chairman- Chippenham Town Band