Biddestone Village Fete

It was with great trepidation that we set forth to the picturesque village of Biddestone to setup for the event as terrific thunderstorms had plagued the morning. Thankfully, the weather decided to grant the fete a reprieve as the sun shone throughout our performance – in fact it was so hot we had to remove our jackets before the first half was completed. The fete itself was opened by none other than our own conductor performing a fanfare! We followed his start with rousing pieces such as Blaze Away, Hawaii 5-0, Locomotion and more relaxing┬átunes like Basin Street Blues and Fly Me To The Moon.

The weather, which had been absolutely glorious during our performance, decided to take a turn for the worse as soon as our set was up; involving mad dashes with kit to cars and gratitude for Biddestone organisers providing us with a large tent…

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