Second (and last) Carolling Weekend

Carolling under the Buttercross with singers by the Chippenham Christmas Tree, 2011

Carolling near the Christmas Tree, 2011

On Saturday we joined a heroic troop of singers and the Mayor; we stood beneath the Buttercross with the singers spread out in a big arc towards the lit Christmas tree. Many carols were sung until we were all Hark, Ding-Dong and Jingle Bell’d out. It had been a rather chilly evening, all in all! According to onlookers, the lighting looked spectacular as night fell – light glittering off our shiny instruments!

 There were several street entertainers – one with snow who also sang most enthusiastically (borrowing a hobby horse prop for the Rudolph song!) The other (a little further away) played with fire! Credit to Andrew who, unable to play, still supported us with singing.

On Sunday we played our last event of the year – again in the foyer of Morrison’s. Silly hats were the norm amongst our motley crew and we played for nearly 2 hours. One group passed by in fancy dress, and danced a little to Rudolph – which happened to be the most requested song of the day.

I’d like to think that we added a little festive spirit to the slightly panicked last minute shoppers!

At both of these events, money was collected towards our local charity of the season: Alzheimer’s Society.