First Carolling Weekend

Some of the band, Morrison's, 2011

Some of the band, Morrison's, 2011

On Saturday we withstood the cold (luckily no wind) outside the Neeld Hall on the High Street for over two hours of jolly carols, amidst the market stalls. Many shoppers passed by, and (from the sounds of the tub) donated generously towards our charity of the season: Alzheimer’s Society. One bystander listened avidly for almost the entire session, so chose our penultimate tune, before our traditional finale “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Sunday saw a larger group of us play (under cover) at Morrison’s, again for a good two hours! Shoppers seemed delighted with the music with no less than seven compliments within the first hour. It seems like the charity collection was successful too.

Thanks to all those who carried buckets! Particularly Mike with his singing. He took the above photo on our behalf.


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