Warminster Pleasure Grounds, July 2011

Warminster Pleasure Grounds, July 2011

We travelled south unto the Warminster Lakeside Pleasure Gardens; in a very pleasant market town similar to our own Chippenham. There was a delightful group of supporters (some encouraged along by the charming councillor;) including a cute little grey dog. The sun graced our presence – a welcome break from a morning of substantial rain; the wind was a little more tricky – it stole our volume and sent one stand went flying during the first piece! Several players had more prominent roles than usual, which resulted in a lovely sound. We played our widest selection of tunes (and possibly most numerous) out of the Summer engagements this year.

Some muppets played a prank between two songs of the second set; luckily Celia has a phenomenal sense of humour!

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