John Coles Park Bandstand

Whilst not quite the deluge of our concert last September, the weather was a drastic change from the bright sunny weather of recent weeks; threatening to rain and strong winds! A valiant crowd still joined us for an afternoon of tunes. We mostly played marches and theme tunes. During the YMCA portion of “Disco Lives” a gust of wind caught several stands and instrument cases but we managed to play on!

Tockenham Fete

Another superbly sunny afternoon for a splendid fete. Lots of stalls, vintage cars and even a family dog show. It was delightful to see so many dogs out and about! This was our second year to be invited to play at Tockenham and we enjoyed every second.

We played following the 2pm opening announcements, had a brief break for sandwiches, tea and delicious cake then continued until gone 4pm. Our repertoire included Beach Boys, Moon River, Toy Story 2, Mondo Glissando, A Bridge Too Far, Fly Me To The Moon, Barnyard Castle and Locomotion to name but a few.

Here’s a more unusual perspective for a photo (I had a few bars rest…):

Tockenham Fete 2018, mid-Moon River