Biddestone Village Fete

Biddestone Fete was a lovely occasion and the first time we had played there since the Agatha Raisin filming day. Fete day weather was very hot and again the village produced fun and well run fete stalls, competitions and cream teas. Our backdrop this year was the pond, with its array of ducks and their babies. Again we used our wide selection of marches and disco and popular music, and finished the programme with our version of Vera Lynns “We’ll meet again.”

John Coles Park, Chippenham

Our second Chippenham bandstand event, with usual supporters for a jolly afternoon of swing tunes, music from films and tv as well as marches.

John Coles Park was beautiful, as ever, with the trees gently swaying in warm breeze, and crowded with people, sitting listening, sunbathing, children playing in the splashpool, and on swings and things in the playground . Perfect setting to play music like our Marches, and popular selection from disco, to Glenn Miller.

Parade Gardens, Bath

Sunshine and flowers greeted us on reaching the Parade Gardens bandstand in Bath. We played our usual two sets of a mix of music, with several sets of families and friends in the audience.

It was a beautiful day, The park was bathed in sunshine, and hundreds of people sitting on chairs & blankets enjoyed the weather and the music, ranging from Marches to pop songs, a medley from The Duke – Ellington, and beautiful Forgotten Dreams rose above the sounds of busy shoppers.