Lacock Village Fayre

Despite the ominous weather, the band set up in the school playground at Lacock and kicked into playing the first set of the afternoon with a cheerfull march. A few tunes in and the weather became more than threatening, causing us to shelter our music, instruments and selves from the deluge! Luckily the shower was brief so we recommenced playing, much to the delight of our stalwart listeners and those browsing the various stalls around. Our repertoire was mixed as per usual, from Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Music to Watch Girls By, A Moment In Time, Ellington and Blaze Away to name but a few. Unluckily our second set in the afternoon was cut a little short by further rain – hopefully next year’s weather shall be back on track!

In the interval, band members took the opportunity to wander around the large array of stalls and even try out the Scout’s Trail, following clues all around the stunning village.

John Coles Park, Family Fun Day

The bandstand held an intrepid group, attending the event┬ádespite the ominous thunder and near-continuous downpour of rain! Sadly the festivities were cut short by the deluge, so only an hour’s set was played. Our music involved marches, classic tunes, blues and cheerfull medleys like Abba to try to brighten the day for the valiant attendees.

The hanging baskets around the bandstand held beautiful flowers seeming to spill out, whereas the water actually was!