Lacock Fayre

After a challenging journey despite the local nature of the event (very circuitous route to parking cars;) a large band contingent made their way to the front of the school where we played two long sets of music. We actually had pretty good weather and a varied audience – including lots of dog walkers!

Bargains were had by some keen eyed musicians prowling the mutlitude of colourful stalls.

John Coles Park – Family Fun Day

Amongst the bouncy castles, melody filled the air – drawing a captive audience away from the stalls to the benches surrounding the bandstand. Lots of cheerful tunes were played to brighten the slightly dull weather, however, just after ‘Here Comes The Sun’ the deluge of rain began. The weather was so intense we sadly had to cancel the second half to protect our delicate instruments. Lots of the stalls were packing up at the same time; hopefully the artistic results of the facepainting stall wasn’t washed away.

The cakes on sale were divine, and well worth a run through the rain to reach!