Biddestone Fete

Biddestone Fete, June 2011

Biddestone Fete, June 2011

We seemed to be transported back in time, to a marquee on a village green in the centre of bustling stalls. The fete itself was opened with a fanfare by our valiant trumpet duo. We then followed with two sets of an excellent selection of bright and cheerful music, even if Rock Around the Clock didn’t quite make it to Alan’s list. Old favourites like The Teddy Bears’ Picnic were well received indeed; and the weather held out for us, even if the sun didn’t quite make it out from behind the clouds.

In the interval we were able to explore the various stalls – watch a little tug-of-war and whack-the-rat, partake of ice-cream or cream teas, even attempt a little skittles. Congratulations to Celia in this regard!



Quite a large proportion of the band then went on to play a private event in the evening, with assistance of drafted horn & trumpet players. Everyone rose to the challenge, and performed admirably. A very pleasant evening indeed, with gentle blues on the menu.

Kington St Michael Church Fete

Kington St Michael Fete, June 2011

courtesy of Stewart Shape, Buzzard Films

Luck was on our side with a gloriously sunny day (the days before and after had torrential rain, so Kington St Michael were very lucky indeed.) There were various stalls, tombola & raffles as well as samples of wares from the village shop. Mmm…

We played close to the centre-of-action in the grounds of Kington Manor, interspersed with such activities as a tortoise race (in 3 minutes the little fellow travelled quite a distance, almost 19 metres!) I don’t think the woodlice did so well, though – poor things.

I particularly enjoyed the bubble-blowing. Also, the tuba full of reflections caught the eye of a photographer!